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Vanessa mbamarah


"BuildRegardless, make an IMPACT in the world."

Google in Africa - Vanessa Mbamarah
African Development Bank - Vanessa Mbamarah
Ministère du Numérique et de la Digitalisation Benin - Vanessa Mbamarah
MTN Business - Vanessa Mbamarah
TEDx - Vanessa Mbamarah
Rotary International - Vanessa Mbamarah
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African Centre for Career Enhancement & Skills Support - Vanessa Mbamarah

"You deserve to succeed"

But if you do not develop yourself and gain a new level of competence, your career and business will suffer.

  • You'll keep feeling dissatisfied, restless and angry. 
  • You'll miss out on numerous opportunities because you are unqualified.
  • You'll keep wondering if you'll ever reach your potential in life.
  • You'll not get that promotion you seek or the new job.
  • You'll find yourself living below your potential when you know you can do more.
  • Your business won't grow and you'll always struggle to make ends meet.
Shola Mathews

Hearing Vanessa speak at an event in Lagos Nigeria was one of those transforming moments for me. She spoke passionately, sharing her story and carrying her audience along.

When she talked about her philosophy, 'BuildRegardless', I got a clearer path for my life and it helped me to set my priorities right.

I remember her asking “What exactly do you want in life?”. Since that event, I’ve gone beyond just setting goals, but crushing my goals. Everyone needs this Vanessa in their life.

Shola Mathews

Digital Marketing consultant | Nigeria

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Praise and Testimonials

Aliko Dangote

Founder and Chairman | Dangote Group, Nigeria

Vanessa is one of those people who's story not only inspires, but speaks of passion and commitment to building Africa for Africans.

She is a typical example of the kind of Leader we need in Africa.

Arrey Obenson

Arey Obenson

CEO/Co-Founder | Tranformunity, USA

Working with Vanessa revealed an incredibly talented perspective. She has a resoundingly positive outlook and a profound ability to stretch an idea to limits of its potential.

Working with her in marketing an African Conference and fostering the 'I Am Africa Campaign' was very refreshing. She made complicated look simple.

Fadilatou Damala - Vanessa Mbamarah

Fadilatou Damala

Founder | Fadi Wax & African Dressing, Ivory Coast

Before working with Vanessa, I had only one shop in Cotonou and struggled with my marketing. I needed help promoting my products and making sales.

With her help, I was able to grow and expand by business. Today I have branches and franchises in over 7 countries in African. If you really want to improve your marketing and grow your business, you should work with Vanessa.

Ideas, Inspiration & Strategies to help you Build for yourself.

Every week I put out a video or write about something I’ve learned on my journey working as a training partner with Google for francophone Africa, as a research student & member of the ACCESS Project (Germany), as a mom, while building my business. 

Sometimes I just tell personal stories, other times I invite really cool people to share their thoughts on building a successful life, career and business.

Meet Vanessa Mbamarah

Vanessa Mbamarah is a marketing and transformation specialist, speaker, consultant and founder of Ztallion. She founded Ztallion to empower people in Africa with the skills they need to evolve in today's digital age. 

Through her digital skills training programs, capacity-building workshops, and mentorship programs, she provides leadership and empowerment to an online community that spans both the Anglophone and Francophone communities globally.

She is currently the Google partner for Francophone Africa and leads several Google training programs in the region.