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October 7, 2021

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Updated: 16 August 2022

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-> HERE before you apply to verify your Business

Update on the Google Business profile verification program

Have you been struggling to verify your Google Business Profile (formerly Google my Business) for some time now?

If you're in Africa, I know how frustrating it can be to wait tirelessly for that postcard to arrive before you can verify your account.

Let's be honest, that postcard may never arrive and you don't want to be stuck waiting for it before your business profile is verified.

In this post, I'll show you how to verify your Google Business Profile especially if your business is located in Africa.

Please Note: This verification process is only for businesses in Africa. 

Something you should know: Google recently renamed it's local listing platform Google My Business (GMB) to Google Business Profile (GBP or GBProfile as I like to call it.)

Start here: Watch the tutorial

Before you continue, read this!

Before your GBProfile is verified, it will be vetted and approved for verification by our team. One of the criteria to be approved is having a registered business and providing proof of business registration.

If for some reason your business is not officially registered in your country, you can provide other document that shows business ownership. Continue reading to find out the list of possible documents to provide to us.

PS: Your application might be rejected if we do not receive valid proof of business ownership.

Steps to verify your Google Business Profile

Step 0: Set up your business profile on Google

Before you proceed to verify, ensure you have set up your Google Business Profile already. If you don't have one, follow the instructions here to set up a Google Business Profile.

Set up Google Business Profile 1

Fig 1: Set up a Google Business Profile

Step 1: Grant Ztallion access to your account

The next step to verify your Google Business Profile is to grant us (Ztallion) access to your GBProfile so we can verify it. To do this, use this code: 5638486463 to grant us access.

Watch the video above to learn how to do this.

PS: You can only do this using a desktop or laptop and NOT your mobile phone.

Grant Ztallion access

Fig 2: Granting Ztallion access

Step 2: Fill out the GBP Verification Form

The second step is to fill out the GBP Verification Form and provide us with proof of business ownership.

This is the most important step in the verification process and should not be skipped, else your business profile will not be verified.

Google business profile verification form

Fig 3: Google Business Profile Verification Form

While filling out the GBP verification form, you will be asked to provide proof of business ownership because we need to be sure you own the business you are trying to verify or at least have been given authority to manage it. 

Type of documents to send as proof of business ownership;

  1. Business registration documents,
  2. Invoice, utility bill, receipts showing your business name (in some cases, we might ask you to provide additional proof where needed)
  3. Tax document

The following will NOT be accepted;

  1. Fake/photoshopped business registration documents
  2. Logo
  3. Picture of your GBP dashboard
  4. Personal identification documents like passport, National ID, driver's license, etc.

Access the GBP verification Form here --> GBP Verification Form

Step 3: Join the GBP support community

The final and most important step is to join the GBP support community to ;

  • get updates on your verification status, 
  • get support from our team of GBP experts,
  • ask questions and learn how to increase visibility for your business and drive sales using your Google Business Profile.

Join the community here --> GBP Support Community

Other Resources

Wait 5/10 working days after applying and then check if your Google Business Profile has been verified.

Check If Google My Business is Verified - Vanessa Mbamarah

Now it's your turn!

I've shown you how to verify your Google Business Profile. Now it's your turn.

Give it a go! This will take less than 3 mins to complete.

Did you encounter any difficulties while applying to verify your GBProfile? If your business is not officially registered in your country, we can also help you verify your business on Google.

Comment below and let me know!


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  1. My business is offering Science tutorials both virtually and physically. I haven't got it registered so I have no business document. How else can I partner with you for Google business verification.

    1. Hey Chymist, that’s not a problem, we can help you verify your Google My Business account. Can you please provide us with some proof that shows ownership of your teaching business? You can provide us with a receipt, invoice, or any other document.

      Please chat with our vetting team and share these documents with them.
      Here’s the link to chat with them on telegram ->“>

  2. My dating blog on Instagram has not been registered yet. So I am yet to be verified. I really need your name 'fada mingle' '@9jasingles.mingle' on Instagram.

    1. Hello GeeTee, we have outlined the steps to help you verify your Business profile in the article above. I’ll recommend that you read through it again and follow it.

      1. Hi Vanessa, I have just submitted my filled form and also sent the invitation to Ztallion to have access to my GMB.. I don't have a business registration document yet, so I attached a receipt as proof.

  3. Thank you so much Vanessa!

    I just went on YouTube to search how to verify my google account and I found you channel I watched and followed your instructions and links.

    I'm very grateful, verifying my business account has been a huge headache since 2019.

    1. Hi there Onyenze, before we can verify your business, we’ll need you to provide us with some proof od business ownership. A receipt, invoice etc. Kindly chat with our support team here ->

  4. hello,
    i was at romeo golf , we spent a great moment with you during that training ,
    thanks a lot for that. i was watching the video above you said there is a link which explain people how are freelance how to verify them business account but i did not see it could help me for that

    1. Hello Patrick.. As a freelancer whose business is not yet verified, we will need any form of evidence that shows you own that business and that it exists. You can share those documents with our support team here – for vetting.

  5. Hi Vanessa,

    I was looking to very my business on Google but dit not know that a postcard wouldn't be delivered in my country (Angola).

    I will appreciate a lot if you help me out on this verification.

    I have just follow all the required steps and filled the form. I am waiting for your support.

    Kind regards

    1. Hello Basirat, you do not need to fill it again unless you now have your registered documents available. If you do, please fill the form again and we will review it.

  6. Hello, Vanessa. On the average, how long will it take for your team to help out with verifying my business? I stay in Nigeria.

  7. Hi, I came across your video while searching for ways to verify my google business profile and I'm wondering if you have resources on how to go about verifying a work from home seo freelancer located in Philippines. It's bot yet registered in our country. Hpoing for your assistance. Thank you.

  8. Hello ztallion. You are doing a great job. My business is not registered,I'm sell Online . I don't have reciept to prove I own the business, however I have a bank transfer receipt . Can receipt of bal payment be used?

    I have already setup my GMB account and I have just finished filling the verification google form

  9. Hi Vanessa i complain about my client GMB been suspended, for 1month 3weeks now, have submitted the CAC of of the company yet no result till now, so i met Ztallion team on telegram(stephen) he ask me to join the facebook group and give ztallion access to the page, have done all he ask me to do. also commented on the facebook group chioma replied me but till now no response from all side.

    Business Name: New Creation Worldwide Link

    1. Hi there Blessing. So sorry about that.
      We currently have a large number of profiles to verify, reason for the delay in getting back to you. Please send an email to and our team will be sure to assist you with this. Thank you for your patience.

      1. Hello, please I want to do GBP for my blog business, so it can rank in Kenya.
        Please how do I go about it? I don’t have an official business document but I can proof to you I’m the owner of the blog.

        1. Hi there Tim. If you are running your blog as a business, can prove ownership, and provide some form of documentation to show you are doing business with it, then surely we can verify for you.


  11. My business is registered.
    The problem is that I can't complete the form using my mobile phone. I don't have a laptop now

  12. Hello Vanessa,

    Please, I need you to help me out – My Google Business Profile is verified, but not Visible to the public. The profile name is Seashell Homes and Properties, Lagos. What do I do? Thanks.

  13. Hello, good day

    I trust you’re doing great

    I’m trying to verify my business but I’m yet to register the business, So I saw on your website that I can verify by sending receipts or invoice to prove ownership.

    Can I send a sample here to determine if the receipt or invoice would be good enough for the verification?

    Also where can I send that as I sent a message on the telegram group and I’m yet to get a response.
    Thank t

  14. Dear Vanessa;
    I submitted the verification form for my business last night and also followed all the steps as guided.
    When should I expect a verification confirmation?

    1. Hi there Daniel, in step 3 above we explain what you need to do to get updates on the verification status of your GBProfile.
      Kindly read through the instructions in Step 3: Join the GBP support community above.

  15. Dear Vanessa;
    Thanks all.
    We have re-submitted our google verification application again today upon learning that our first application was not getting through.
    Waiting patiently.

      1. Hi Ztallion Team,

        I have submitted my business for verification for about 2 weeks now but no response on it yet.

        i have not be verified and reason was not state, I have uploaded all necessary document like you said, I sent e-mail but no response.

  16. Hello thanks for this …I have a website however the hurdle become difficult coz I do not have Biz registration Numbe.

    1. Hi Abok, you can still verify your business without it being registered as long as you have other documents that show proof of ownership. Do you have an invoice with proof of transaction completed for it?

  17. Hello Venessa,
    Trust you keeping fine.

    please i apply for company name verification since last week Monday, i fill out the form with CAC document and also grant Ztallion access to the Business account dashboard but till now no feedback and also not verified please i need help.

    thank you

    1. Hello Ovie, kindly join our support community on Facebook for updates. You’ll find the link to join the community in Step 3 of the guide above.

  18. Hi Vanessa, I have just submitted my filled form and also sent the invitation to Ztallion to have access to my GMB… I don't have a business registration document yet, so I attached an invoice as proof.

  19. Hello Vanessa,

    Please how long does it take to get business verified on google upon giving access to Ztallion? I actually submitted my wife's business for verification about 4 days ago and mine yesterday.

    Thanks in anticipation of your kind response.

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