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October 7, 2021

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Have you been struggling to verify your Google my Business account for some time now?

If you're in Africa, I know how frustrating it can be waiting tirelessly for that postcard to arrive before you can verify your account.

Let's be honest, that postcard may never arrive and you don't want to be stuck waiting for it before your business profile is verified.

In this post, I'll show you how to verify your Google my Business account, especially if your business is located in Africa.

PS: This verification process is only for businesses in Africa. If you are outside Africa, you can simply request to have the postcard sent to you.

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Start here: Watch the tutorial

Click below to play video Vanessa Mbamarah

Before you continue, read this!

Before your GMB account is verified, it will be vetted and approved for verification by our team. One of the criteria to be approved is having a registered business and providing proof of business registration.

If for some reason your business is not officially registered in your country, kindly chat with our support team on telegram and provide any proof that shows you own the business you are trying to get verified.

PS: Your application might be rejected if we do no receive valid proof of business ownership.

If you have a registered business, scroll down and continue with the verification process.

Steps to verify your Google my Business Account

Step 0: Set up your business profile on Google

Before you proceed to verify, ensure you have a GMB account already. If you don't, follow the instructions here to  set up your Google My Business Account.

PS: Ensure you use a valid gmail or Google associated email address for this.

Set up google my business account -1

Step 1: Grant Ztallion access to your account

The next step is to grant us (Ztallion) access to your Google My Business account to allow us verify it. To do this, use this code: 5638486463 to grant us access.

Watch the video above to learn how to do this.

PS: You can only do this using a desktop or laptop and NOT your mobile phone.

Grant Ztallion access

Step 2: Fill out the GMB Verification Form

The second step is to fill out the GMB Verification Form and provide us with proof of business ownership.

This is the most important step in the verification process and should not be skipped, else we will not be able to verify your business profile.

Fill the GMB verification form

While filling out the GMB verification form, you will be asked to provide proof of business ownership because we need to be sure you own that business. 

Type of documents to send as proof of business ownership;

  1. Business registration documents,
  2. Invoice/receipt showing your business name and address on it.

The following will NOT be accepted;

  1. Fake / photoshopped business registration documents
  2. Logo
  3. Picture of your GMB dashboard
  4. Personal identification documents like passport, National ID, drivers license, etc.

Access the GMB verification Form here --> GMB Verification Form

Final Steps: 

1 - Join the GMB support community

The final and most important step is to join the GMB support community to ;

  • get updates on your verification status, 
  • get support from our team of GMB experts,
  • ask questions and learn how to manage your Google My Business account to avoid suspension and re-verification ban.

Join the community here --> GMB Support Community

2 - Check the verification status of your GMB account

Now it's your turn!

I've shown you how to verify your Google My Business account without a postcard. Now it's your turn.

Give it a go! This will take less that 3 mins to complete.

Did you encounter any difficulties while applying to verify your GMB account? If your business is not officially registered in your country, we can also help you verify your business on Google.

Comment below and let me know!


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