GBP Intake Form

This questionnaire contains a series of questions that, if answered truthfully, will help us tell you whether you are a fit for our services or not.

Our services include:

  • GBP Setup: A done-for-you profile setup, and verification for business owners who want to increase visibility for their business on local search results.
  • GBP Marketing: A done-for-you profile optimization, sales funnel, and growth service for businesses that want more growth and leads.
  • GBP Troubleshoot: A 1-to-1 experience for business owners who want to fix complex GBP-related issues or reinstate a suspended Google Business Profile.

We only work with:

  • Local business owners, service providers, creators, coaches, and founders who want to use local searches as a powerful traffic mechanism to attract more customers and drive more shoppers to their local stores (You don't have to rely on heavy marketing and sales anymore.)
  • Marketers, freelancers, and agency owners who want to help their own clients get verified.
  • Single-location businesses, multi-location businesses, and service area businesses.
GBP Verification Eligibility Form