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IMPORTANT: Follow these *important* steps to prepare for the workshop

Step 1:

Add to your CALENDRIER

Go into the clock app on your phone and block off October 19 to 23 ... I want you to commit to doing whatever it takes to show up and play full out.

Once registration closes, we will send you the full schedule and other instructions to help you prepare for the workshop.

Step 2:

Join the WHATSAPP group

To avoid missing any updates, please join the WhatsApp group by clicking the button below.

This is where we will share updates on how to join the inner community and provide support before the workshop kickoffs.


invite other women

This is truly a life-changing program and I need your support to help as many women as possible learn these skills and get the tools and resources they need to build themselves up and grow their business online. This is how you create movements.

I'm guessing you probably have friends, family members, co-workers, employees and others in your life who need this knowledge. Let's not let them down. We've made it easy to invite them. 😊

Think of a few people you know whose lives would be changed by this 5 day workshop and tell them, text or email them to go sign up now.

Here's how to invite them, click any of the buttons below and immediately share the post on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, then tag your friends and followers that they should participate in the challenge.